Ultimate Image Quality with Ultimate Power Efficiency

ORTUS TECHNOLOGY display devices offer the exceptional image quality and low power consumption users expect from today’s advanced LCDs. We make full use in their development of the unique a-Si TFT technology ORTUS TECHNOLOGY has cultivated in pursuit of slimness and lightweight for its industry-leading mobile devices with their superior levels of compactness, reliability and power efficiency.
Here are some of the ORTUS TECHNOLOGY's in-house technologies originated from the HAST technology:

Ultra-high Definition, High Image Quality Amorphous Silicon TFT

HAST (Hyper Amorphous Silicon TFT) was realized through the application of various original ORTUS TECHNOLOGY technologies:

  • ・Ultra-high-definition TFT array processing technology
  • ・Low-resistance fine wiring technology
  • ・Super-narrow pitch COG bonding technology
  • ・High-image-quality optics design technology
Transmittance is the key to enrich image quality and performance!

ORTUS TECHNOLOGY's HAST technology has achieved a 30% increase in the aperture ratio (at 2.4" QVGA) compared with conventional technologies.

With further advances in HAST technology, a 2" QHD (960 x RGB x 540) display with 546 ppi, the highest definition in the industry, was successfully developed.

The Ultimate High Image Quality LCD

Featuring brand-new, super high-contrast and wide-viewing-angle technology on HAST high-transmittance display, ORTUS TECHNOLOGY has realized the ultimate image quality. Buenaview LCDs are optimally suited to mobile devices, which require particularly high image quality.


The Ultimate Energy-saving LCD

Excellent image quality and outdoor visibility coexist in our transmissive LCDs, created with a breakthrough HAST high-transmittance panel and unique optical design making use of reflective outdoor light. Blanview LCDs are unrivalled for use in the handy terminals and other mobile devices essential to today’s businesses.

  • ・By virtue of high-transmissivity, excellent display brightness is obtained even with low-powered backlight.
  • ・Almost same high whiteness quality is maintained both reflective and transmissive modes, assuring display of beautifully pure white in any environment.


[Currently under development] OLED displays driven by a-Si TFT

TFT substrate employing an a-Si TFT with high uniformlty and wide-area expandability.
ORTUS TECHNOLOGY's unique HAST technology, pixel circuit technology and drive system combine to provide incomparably high image quality.

6.5" High-Definition, High-Polymer OLED display

  • ・6.5" OLED display driven by a-Si TFT
  • ・Pixel Format: QHD (960RGB x 540)
  • ・Resolution: 169ppi
  • ・Contrast: 10000:1 or above